Teater Tagar Jagat is born at Sanggar O

A new Indonesian theatre group has formed, symbolically, over new year’s eve 2018 and new year’s day 2019, with the similarly symbolic name of Tatar Jagat, which, loosely and literally translated, might mean something like ‘universal sound of thunder’. The group hears echoes in the term of the now almost universal phenomenon of social media; of supporting something to appear; and of language of the past.

Formed from three groups based in East Jakarta — Teater Afiks, Teater Artery and Teater Pintu Kereta — that deployed a range of styles from realism through to physical theatre, Teater Tagar Jagat will consist of a core of around 20 performers and other theatre workers, with a much larger network to call on in case of larger works.

Already planning to showcase some samples of their new directions as soon as January 2019, Teater Tagar Jagat is aiming for a more substantial work in the middle of the year.

As well as discussions that extended from the evening of 2018 into the early hours of 2019, the group also participated in workshops in traditional Javanese dance, led by Liswati of Sanggar O, and in contemporary dance and movement, led by Adek of Bandar Teater Jakarta and the new Teater Tagar Jagat, as well as viewing a movie, Dionysus in 69, directed by Brian de Palma in 1970, with subsequent discussion followed by a post-midnight feast of sate and barbecued corn.

To learn more about Teater Tagar Jagat, contact Dendi Madiya at +62 88567214323.


The new theatre group is youthful indeed
Teater Tagar Jagad: a young theatre group with young members
Javanese traditional dance class
Javanese traditional dance class led by Liswati (left, grey t-shirt).
Contemporary movement workshop led by Adeg (centre, purple shirt)
Contemporary movement workshop led by Adek (centre, purple shirt)
Teater Tagar Jagad ignore the maxim never to work with children and animals
Teater Tagar Jagat ignore the maxim never to work with children and animals
Working on a name and structure
Working late into the night to give birth to Teater Tagar Jagat
The movie begins
The movie begins
Scene from Dionysus in 69
Scene from Dionysus in 69
Cooking a new theatre group as it rains 2
Discussion, cooking and eating

Visit us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sanggarObojong/

4 thoughts on “Teater Tagar Jagat is born at Sanggar O

  1. Wow, thankyou for the news! Thankyou to Sanggar O for facilitating us! Wish the best for all of us!

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  2. Semoga Teater Jagat dapar terus berkembang ke arah yang lebih baik 🙂
    Terima kasih, untuk tulisannya Om:)

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  3. Tagar Jagat juga bisa diartikan sebagai sebuah siklus; Tagar mewakili trend zaman ini dalam kaitannya dengan media-media baru, sebuah cara untuk mengkategorisasi sekaligus mendorong sesuatu untuk menjadi muncul. Sedangkan Jagad bisa diartikan sebagai semesta, kata Jagad juga mewakili bahasa dari masa lalu (yang tua, yang dulu).

    Anyway, thank for reporting us, Om Rob and Mba Lis (Sanggar O)!

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    1. Akan update post dengan informasi ini, Abi


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