Francesca Vincentie

I stayed at Sanggar O for 10 days in december 2018 and I loved it. I’m a musician and storyteller from Sweden, currently working with a performance and a project about my roots from Indonesia and wanted to come to Sanggar O to meet new people, get new insights and have time to write on my performance. The experience was nothing like I ever could have imagined, it was way better!
Stretching herself in composition
From the beginning, the mailing contact with Rob and Lis went very smooth and they both were very helpful from first contact. I could tell that they both had a strong passion for culture and art and really wanted to reach out and help me in my planning in every way they could. Lis picked me up at the train station and brought me to Sanggar O and from the first moment I arrived, it felt like a homecoming. The residency is beautiful and has a natural tranquillity to the whole space, with the gang of cats sleeping in funny places, Rob listening to music and humming while cooking italian food, and Lis softly playing ukulele in the morning. I felt very safe and taken care of, like everyone really wanted me to get the best out of my stay. I got very thorough help with planning and fulfilling the goals with my 10 days stay, which included an adventure to a palmoil factory, riding the motorbike maaaany hours up to a national park just to be able to get some recordings of a jungle without car sounds, a very cool experience in Jakarta: “the car free day”, eating durian for the first time ( I LOVE IT!) making music with fantastic people, sooo many new insights and many openhearted talks with both Lis and Rob. They taught me so much, about Indonesia, about art, about life.
They provided me with so much more than just a place to work, and I am so grateful for my time spent with them and the whole gang at Sanggar O!

I will definitely be back ❤

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